Standard Features

Standard features common to all solutions are described below.

Power and Pipe

Power and Pipe
  • 151 Front is at the heart of every major provider’s network and boasts 25 diverse fibre optic cable entrances.
  • UPS delivery is backed up with high capacity power generators with at least 72 hours on-site worth of fuel and contracts in place for longer durations.
  • Our facilities are highly engineered with redundant UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and stand-by generation systems.

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  • Hot / Cold Aisle cooling standards
  • Cold Aisle temp maintenance 68F to 74F
  • Humidity of 50% (±10%)
  • VESDA fire detection system
  • Dry fire suppression system
  • Antistatic flooring
  • 1 hour hardware replacement guarantee from our large on hand inventory


  • Security personnel available 24/7
  • Card and Biometric access to suites
  • Video surveillance and video archiving throughout our facilities
  • Additional customer specific measures available as required