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151 Front Street - a telecommunications landmark

151 Front151 Front Street has a long history in the telecommunications industry.  Originally constructed in 1954 it was home to the first Canadian telegraph company.  This company, verbosely but accurately named The Toronto, Hamilton, and Niagara Electro-Magnetic Telegraph Company, carried the first telegraph message in Canada sent by the mayor of Toronto to his counterpart in Hamilton on December 19, 1846.
The building has evolved together with the industry, was significantly refurbished in 2000, and is now one of North America's most connected buildings, boasting 9 unique fibre-optic networks, 25 diverse entrances and more than 7,000 strands of fibre.

151 Front is one of eight carrier-neutral facilities in North America and offers excellent opportunities for network peering and access to the best tier 1 providers in the world.  650x.com leverages this diversity to drive costs savings, and achieve true network redundancy for our clients.  Unlike our managed serivce competitors who mandate the use of their proprietary networks (and vastly inflate the associated costs), 650x.com is entirely carrier neutral and can provide access to any of the over 150 carrier networks available at 151 Front.

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